Taham Khan


My name is Taham and I'm the MSA president. I'm a haiku enthusiast and an avid denier of the moon landing. Many people believe I peaked in the 5th grade I'm here to prove them wrong.
"Time is a construct
hour for some, day for others
limited to all "

Areeb Zaidi

Brothers' Vice President

Assalamualaikum! My name is Areeb Zaidi and I am a junior studying chemical and biochemical engineering. I enjoy meeting new people, hiking/kayaking, and drinking chocolate milk. I joined MSA because I saw it as a way for me to not only grow and develop personally, but alongside a family on campus.

Maham Ali

Sisters' Vice President

HI am the Sisters Vice President and I am senior this year. I'm majoring in Biotechnology and minoring in Spanish. I'm killing time until October 18th. I like eyeliner and cows. This one time I got struck in the shin with a hockey stick. I also sew and fix watches.

Omer Tahir Janjua


I go by many names but my most common name is Jaguar because of how fast I am when I powerwalk. I don't have a single favorite flavor of ice cream, they vary between strawberry, mint chocolate chip, and coffee. My favorite fruit that I've never eaten is a mangosteen. I joined MSA because they have free pizza at every event.

Maisha M

Marketing Director

Salam! I'm a senior, studying Supply Chain Management + Religions. I joined MSA because I saw an opportunity to join RISE in its first year, and somehow I ended up here after a couple years. I love coffee, cats, and conversations. And Law & Order SVU.

Fiha Abdulrahman

Event Coordinator

Salam! I am a Biomathematics major with minors in Spanish and Psychology. Im a travel and smoothie enthusiast and will occasionally bake. For the most part I watch reruns of MasterChef Australia and Friends and spend my time brunching. Some words of wisdom are: When life gives you lemons

Hamza Faruq

Treasurer & Outreach

I'm just a kid who's four, each day I grow some more, I like exploring. So many things to do, each day is something new, I'll share them with you. Growing up is not so tough, 'cept when I've had enough, but there's alot of fun stuff.